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Why join Main Line Health?

Nurses at Main Line Health provide superior, patient-centered care that is beyond compare. We believe in putting the patient first. We listen. We counsel. We intercede on the patient's behalf. We orchestrate a wide variety of personalized services, all designed to maximize the patient's comfort, safety and well-being.

What distinguishes Main Line Health nurses is the degree of autonomy and accountability they exhibit. Our nurses are encouraged and expected to be proactive for their patients in an environment that encourages critical thinking and professional growth. In addition, our nurses have an exceptionally collaborative relationship with our physicians who, in turn, greatly depend upon our nurses' assessments and decision-making.

Main Line Health nurses exhibit leadership at all levels of the system as executives, managers, educators, staff nurses and nurse researchers. In fact, not one but two of our hospital presidents are nurses.

We provide a safe, welcoming work environment with flexible works schedules and competitive compensation. What's more, we are committed to workplace diversity and encourage continuing education and career development.

It's no wonder our nurses have an average of 11 years of continued employment at Main Line Health, or why some nurses have been known to regularly commute up to 200 miles just to work here.

To learn more and apply today, visit: https://www.mainlinehealth.org/careers/nursing#Currentopportunities

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