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Ashtabula Co. Medical Center

June 30, 2024, will mark 120 years of hospital-based healthcare in Ashtabula County. Ashtabula General Hospital opened its doors on that date in 1904 and the first patient was treated shortly after midnight.

To keep up with the ever-changing healthcare landscape and the needs of patients, the hospital underwent major expansions and construction in 1952, 1963 and 1974.

In 1983, Ashtabula General Hospital was renamed Ashtabula County Medical Center (ACMC).

In 2022, ACMC broke ground on the hospital’s largest and most extensive expansion – construction of a 115,000 square foot Patient Care Tower on the southern end of the hospital’s main campus. The tower will feature all new private inpatient rooms, a new emergency department, new surgical center, new Wound Healing Center, and more. It will elevate the comfort and quality of the healthcare atmosphere for patients and caregivers.

Throughout its 120-year history, the hospital and the communities it serves have evolved together. The new Patient Care Tower is the next step in the evolution of the hospital and for healthcare in our region.

“The immense scope of that evolution caused us to think about our name. We believe that the advanced technology we’ve incorporated, and the overall environment of the new Patient Care Tower will make the hospital a regional destination for receiving high quality care,” said ACMC Healthcare System President and CEO Leonard Stepp, Jr. “When the new patient care tower opens in June 2024, Ashtabula County Medical Center will begin operating under a new name: Ashtabula Regional Medical Center.”

“We put tremendous thought into what the Patient Care Tower would look like and include during the planning process. We put that same amount of thought into whether to change the hospital’s name,” said Stepp. “Our Board of Directors and executive team had many discussions about our name. We surveyed our caregivers and held focus groups with community members. Based on the feedback collected, we decided to move forward with the change to Ashtabula Regional Medical Center.”

“In making this change, it was important that we maintain a connection to our history and honor our tie to all of Ashtabula County,” said Nancy Kister, Chairperson of the ACMC Healthcare System Board of Directors. “We are fortunate to live in an area where ‘Ashtabula’ represents both the City and County in which we are located.”

The name change, while minimal with just one word changing, reflects the hospital’s growth and the area it serves.

“When Ashtabula General Hospital opened, there were a limited number of services available. The hospital met the community’s needs. As those needs became more complex, new services were added and hospital leadership of that time believed changing the name to Ashtabula County Medical Center better reflected the scope of care available. Since that change, we have added specialized diagnostic and treatment services like cardiac catheterization and wound healing with hyperbaric oxygen therapy, to name just two of the many advancements,” said Stepp. “When we open the Patient Care Tower, we will again elevate the scope of care we provide. A fitting example of that is robotic assisted surgery, which is possible thanks to the generous donation from Richard S. Morrison.”

The geography from which patients come to ACMC has also expanded over the years. “The majority of our patients are from Ashtabula County, but patients also come to us from western PA, Lake and Geauga counties, and beyond,” said Stepp. "Our focus remains on providing quality healthcare to Ashtabula County. But we know that Ashtabula County’s strong tourist and service industries have made the county a regional destination. We can be a regional destination for healthcare. The name Ashtabula Regional Medical Center best describes who we are, what we offer, and who we serve.”